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Listed below are a few types of products made in Classic Grey Montemerlo Trachyte. Also keep in mind that other types are possible based on designs provided by the client.

Cleft stone for coverings in trachyte

"Sasso a spacco" - Naturally cleft stone for coverings, pavements, and dry stone walls

Paving cubes in trachyte

Paving cubes

Bolognini in trachyte

"Bolognini" or "tranciati" bricks for coverings

Opus incertum in trachyte

Opus incertum (top- and bottom- cut slabs with irregular borders)

Customized coverings in trachyte Customized coverings, made to measure and modelled
Modelled to the shapes and sizes in trachyte

Modelled to the shapes and sizes requested by the customer

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